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Changing Default Colors in Draft Analysis??

Question asked by Martin Behling on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2012 by Doug Seibel

Looked on the forums here, saw a couple of threads on similar topics, but no answers to my question...not an urgent issue by any means...just an annoyance.


I cannot find a way to change the default "draft analysis" colors permanently (or even semi-permanently).   I prefer setting the "Positive draft" to Blue, leaving the "Requires Draft" at Yellow, and the "Negative draft" at Red.  This makes it easier (IMO) to see small non-drafted areas in a zoomed out view of the model.


Several years (SW versions) back, we used to be able to change the colors in the dialog box and as long as you hit the "OK" button, it would retain that color change.  At some point, this functionality seems to have disappeared.  Now, every time you open the Draft Analysis, the "Positive draft" resets back to its default light green color, regardless of what it was set at the last time the draft analysis tool was used. 


Is there anyway to change this permanently, or semi-permanently (at least for the entire open session).  I did not see anything in the "Options/System Options/Colors" that can change this either.  Is this just no longer available anymore??  If it's gone, why did it go away??