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Exporting from Solidworks and importing into Cam2 MeasureX for Faro

Question asked by Jena Bordwell on Jul 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2012 by Jerry Steiger

I am not farmilar with Solidworks myself except I understand the consept as I have experience with CMM's. I am having the engineers exporting cad files for me and they are stumped on my issue. When I import the cad file into the Faro system and try to align our part with the cad file, it is only showing trimmed surfaces and not features like a circle or a line. It is only allowing me to pic out all planes, even inside a hole. We tried exporting it with a different setting and the only other option we received was a linear line and then all the same planes. Is there a special way of exporting the cad file to just show the items, single flat planes and the features aka: cirlcle, lines and points? I have already been in contact with Faro, gave them a copy of the cad file and they agree it has to be exported a certain way from SW to make it work properly on the Faro. Thank you.