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Mates popup

Question asked by Serge Piastra on Aug 1, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by Jim Church

Could someone shed some light over this, please:
when adding mates in an assembly, despite having "Show popup dialog" ticked OFF, the popup dialog still.... pops up!

It's driving me nuts.

Here is what I usually do:
I select the face of the part I want to mate, press M (shortcut for Mate), select the face of the other part and SWX will align the 2 parts accordingly.

Press Enter twice to end the command.
Next, if I move another part in the ass'y, the mate popup comes up: If I press Esc the previously added mate gets deleted, if I click on the green tick, the mate stays...


Pressing Enter twice definitely closes the Mate property dialog box. So why is the added mate not staying?


12 years of using SWX and I can't figure out what is happening: very sad


Thanks for probably stating something obvious that I missed!


SWX2012 x64 edition SP3.0