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Problem with Motion and changing Mate Angle. Angle "twitches".

Question asked by Dale Murley on Jul 31, 2012

I almost have this working. The assembly is rather large to upload. But basically after reading other posts, I have a part rotating to different angles as the timeline changes. But whenever a key point occurs with a different value for the mate angle, the part rotates to that angle for a split second, then reverts to the original mate angle. I have several keys created so that the part rotates at 20deg intervals every 3 seconds. 190 to 170 to 150, etc. till 10 degrees. It gets to each of these angle changes, the mate changes, the part rotates to the angle but immediately goes back to the original mate angle. So instead of a progressive rotation, I have a "twitch".

This problem is starting to cause me to "twitch"as well.


Any ideas how to end the "twitch"?