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    SolidWorks Revision (NEW IDEA)

    Maxim Teleguz

      Hello Everybody,


      Soldworks needs a revision mode.


      The situation goes like this:


      1. You would click solidworks revision mode button up top beside the rebuild button.

      2. Everything you modify from that point on will automatically save the part, assembly and etc... with a .rev[####] of where the original part is located. This could also be managed in a setting tab (check boxes for what can be resaved, checkbox for part, assembly and etc...)

      3. It would save the part as a copy of coarse, and automatically replace it with the revised part name in the assembly.


      This would be great because when a new idea hits you it would increase the flow of productivity without me re-saving each part and worrying about a modified part screwing up the other parts and assembly files.


      Everybody please respond to this idea, Please Criticize.




      Maxim Teleguz

      Solidworks Designer


      (***EDIT*** This whole process would start as soon as i click the "Revision" Button. and as soon as i edit a part its automatically replaced before i edit it and automatically saved with a revision [####]. If i want to add a part to the assembly after hitting the revision button, my assembly would be saved as a revision [####] and i wouldnt notice but i would be working in the revision assembly at that point automatically.)


      I will photoshop my concept and upload later guys.


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