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    2012 SP 4, can't drag Spline points?

    Evan Erickson

      I just upgraded from 2011 today and after working for a couple minutes I came about a spline with two end points and no other spline points.  I can no longer drag the two end points of the spline as I could in 2011.  I get the error "This drag created invalid geometry.  The pre-drag sketch state will be restored."  Any way to use splines again or save my file so that I can open it back up in 2011?



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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm still using 2010, so I don't really know, but I can't believe that 2012 broke splines quite that badly. I would shut SolidWorks down and reboot my machine before I got too worried. Sometimes SolidWorks just gets its knickers in a twist and needs to be banged up along side the head with a suitable 2 x 4.


          I seem to recall that the last SP of a particular year of SolidWorks was going to be able to open files from the next year's version, but I don't recall if it was Rev 5 of 2011 being able to open 2012 or the last release of 2012 being able to open 2013. Maybe you are in luck.


          Jerry Steiger