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How can I oriente a plane ?

Question asked by Pet Peever on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2012 by Jerry Steiger


I am now tearing my hairs out.


Surely a matter about Sioux' stratagems, and Sioux' trophies.


I am drawing on a 2D sketch.


I modify the plane containing the 2D sketch.


But, unfortunately, a basic math concept is seeming to be lost by SW during the travel : a plane has 2 faces, or to say things in other way, a 2D frame has 2 possible orientations.


Of course, when a plane is constructed, SW forgets this basic math concept (I learnt it one year before my high school diploma !!!!)


So, how can I flip a plane ?


Tx for your help, but it's really a pity that SW don't ask which orientation (among the 2 possible), has to be chosen for a construction.


If SW was written by Dassault enginers, it's not amazing that Dassault planes are falling from time to time.