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Routing (electrical application)...

Question asked by Chris Streeter on Jul 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2012 by Mukesh Prasad

I am currently evaluating SolidWorks' Routing add-in, specifically as it applies to its electrical use (cabling/harness/et al.)

I am new to SolidWorks (~ 1 year); formerly Pro-E user (13+ years).


I was curious to know if anyone has a list of limitations they may have jotted down while using this add-in.

(My lack of SW experience, as well as exposure to this module, may cause the possibility of oversight here.)


The tutorial was a decent starting point, but it's a demo just the same (typically all demos are designed to work quickly & flawlessly);

and, there were a few issues for me with that anyway.


The best way, in my opinion, of finding out how software works is by it performance in "real-life" applications.

(It always works well in a classroom environment too, but as soon as your back at your workstation - that's a different matter altogether.)


At this point, I've found that Routing does not play nice with a model that is ONLY created from Imported Surface Geometry. (I'm still testing that.)


If anyone has information on limitations, I'd greatly appreciate a reply.



Chris Streeter