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Adjust Trim plane angle for Flex function

Question asked by Carl Voigt on Jul 29, 2012
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Working with SolidWorks 2011.  Trying to model a sheet metal part that consists of a tapered cylinder with a  3/16" Groove seam.  I use the dimensions from the actual shop floor templates as my base flange.  Then create the two sides of the groove seam with 2 edge flanges on one side and 2 on the other along with a hem fold.  On the straight cylinders the Flex function works fine and creates the desired shape.  However on the tapered cylinders I can not adjust the angle of the trim planes to match the angle of the base flange edges.  Can the angle of the trim planes be adjusted or are they always parallel?  What is another method that can be used to roll the sheet metal part into the tapered cyclinder shape and also allowing the groove seem to match?




Cheers for any input.