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    Best SW/EPDM/SQL configuration

    Ryan McVay

      We are looking at replacing our Engineering server in November. I thought this would be a good time to do the software updates as well---might as well shoot for the moon.


      I was wondering what software configuration appears to be the "safest" configuration?


      Right now we are running Server 2003, SW 2011, EPDM 11 and SQL 2005.


      I was thinking of bumping up to Server 2008 R2, SW 2012, EPDM 12 and SQL 2008 R2. I was just curious as to what configurations people are successfully using?

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          Jason Capriotti


          Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 sp2

          SolidWorks 2012 sp4

          ePDM 2012 sp3

          SQL 2008 64bit



          We'll be purchasing new servers in a few months as well.


          Planned configuration:

          Windows Server 2008 r2 (64 bit)

          ePDM 2012 sp5 (When its out)

          SQL 2008 64bit


          Planned Hardware:


          SQL Server:

          (1x) 8 core Xeon

          24gb memory

          300gb 15k rpm hard drive (Raid 5 array)


          Archive Servers (2x):

          (1x) 8 core Xeon

          8gb memory

          1tb 15k rpm hard drive (Raid 5 array)

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            Todd Puckett

            I like Jason's plan, we are using a similar setup with VMware.  The virtual environment allows us to add/subtract memory, processors, and disk space as needed.  We noticed improvement on the database server with the x64 OS and SQL 2008 x64. 


            I would point out that our archive server has never used more than 1.5 GB RAM and uses very little processor, we have 5 vaults with 3 TB of data.  From what we've noticed disk space and speed is the most important item for the archive server.  If you're on a budget you could save some on a lessor archive server, the extra memory and processor cores won't be used.