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Creating a cable wire library file in excel

Question asked by Tom Mulholland on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2015 by Derek Eldridge

I am trying to import some wire data from excel but I am a little bit confused on how to set up the excel spreadsheet. The help file lists "three" sets of column headings depending on if you want to import a cable library, wire library, or ribbon cable library. The confusing part, and why I put "three" in quotes, is that it actually lists four sets of column headings.


The cable library section is divided into two parts, cable library and core library. Should I be putting these columns in two different spreadsheets? I played with this before in 2011 (I recently upgraded to 2012 and lost all the old data, which was incorrect anyway) and when I imported my spreadsheet then I had the common columns, Cable Name, Outer Diameter, and Minimum Bed Radius, combined into just one column each, but I found that my wires were always giving me errors when it checked the min bend radius even though it was greater than the min radius I had assigned to the wire, but not the cable, which makes me think it was a mistake to combine the columns. I have attached the old spreadsheet to better illustrate what I mean.


If anyone has experience with this or a sample spreadsheet I would really appreciate the help!