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    Mukesh Prasad

      Has anyone used this software in SW? If so how is it different from SW Surfacing that comes with the Premium account?

      I have a curved contour surface and would like to create a flatten pattern as you would do in flatten a sheet metal part. Can this be done using the regular surfacing tools? I was told that this GeometryWorks3D does this.

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          John Lhuillier

          Solidworks of any kind cannot flatten a free form surface without a 3rd party addon like Logopress or one of the others.

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            Rick McWilliams

            I use geometry works to generate very smooth surfaces. I have not yet used the geodesic mapping function. I would expect good results for surfaces that are mostly single curved. Solidworks will flatten single curved shapes.


            GW3D does much better quality surfaces than Solidworks. I get especially good results from conic surfaces. I am tired of the ripples, wrinkles, hog backs, butt cracks and tits that are generated by Solidworks lofts and boundary surface. Good surfaces require good boundaries. GW does nice surfaces with well behaved singular points.