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Question asked by Robert Lankford on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by Richard Wehmeyer

Is there an easy way to make chains (link chains)? I have been mating up using points on a sketch in the ass'y, but as we all know, THEY FLIP and roll up, which is very annoying after you place about 200 links (yes I used copy with mates). The only way I have found to keep them from flipping is to fix each link after I mate it up, overdefine it, and then delete the mates. The attached pic is sort of an extreme example, but my goodness there has to be an easier way. It has been suggested to make a flexible 1 foot long ass'y and use "promote" in the configuration settings in order to only show the parts within the ass'y and then pattern them around. I'd love to be able to simply draw the path and it take care of the rest like a weldment profile would.


For the record, I hate chains... FB004218A_CHAIN.JPG