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Question asked by Stefan Beekman on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by Richard Wehmeyer

I just have some questions for some of you large assembly guru's.  I've just recently gotten into some rather large assemblies, and want to check and make sure my work flow is the most efficient.  Basically I design refuelers and we use certain chassis that are supplied by the manufacturers as well as all the tanks, parts and accessories that I model.  My basic work flow goes like this......


1. I take what chassis and tank I need and PACK AND GO it into a new job folder.  I do this so that I can add appearance, decals and etc. to that job number so I don't change the base model.   I found I have better control over decal placement that way instead of decaling and applying appearance in the assembly. 

-Is this the correct process?


2. I also want to be able to take 2 assemblies and put them into one, like a side by side comparison.  But when I do that I get lots of problems considering the 2 models share some of the same parts and part names.  Example.  I have 2 trucks with one of them longer than the other, when I import them they both take the frame rail of one or the other, so they are both the short frame rail.

I've tried to save configurations, suppress the auto rebuild and save an assembly as a part but still get the same output.  I'm thinking I'm missing a step, or just not doing it correctly.  What I'd like to be able to do is make it a "dumb" solid part like an .stl would do but keep the appearance and decals.


I've scoured the internet and these boards, but not knowing the right search question has me limited to these problems.  I've attached a picture to show what type of large assemblies I'm talking about.  Each truck usually averages 5 million polys with the larges ones up to 8 million without any piping.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


RF15SC-800 1.JPG