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swept flange and insert bends

Question asked by Steve Monser on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by Tony Cantrell



I watched a tutorial on this feature and I am having trouble executing the swept flange command.  There are a couple of questions I have:


1: The insert bend command in my version of solid works doesn't seem to work (unrelated)


2: When I perform this command, I see the preview of what my box will look like, but it fails when I say OK, why?


3:  This command is for deep drawn boxes, can you insert a sketch along the corners, add a rip and have this become a formed box?


4:  My model has two different paths that I was experimenting with, both seem to give me a preview, neither actually works.  This suggests that I am missing a step?  does my base part need to be a solid instead of a base flange?


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