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    Hide/Show Edges in Drawing

    James Moynagh

      I've been working on a drawing/model of a bottle for a customer. I got my model done up and went to drafting and everything was working fine. I was looking at adding in a detail on the engraving on the bottle so I made a configuration where I could hide the model and just show the sketch of the engraving before it got wrapped around the bottle. Then my problems started. I'd closed all down I think and when I reopened all the edges where shown, including one's I'd hidden on the various views, and any which I'd made dashed where turned solid. When I when and right clicked on the edges I wasn't getting the normal options to hide/show, in fact at the top of the tab all I got was a icon to open the model even thought its already open (Images 1). This is happening on all views I have in the drawing. Now if I go insert a new view I am able to hide/show the edges as normal (image 2). Anybody know why this is happening? Before you ask I can't upload any models or drawings as the customer has said this project is highly confidential.