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Scale of tooling model after contractions of ABS Plastic

Question asked by Tom Haslam on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2012 by Richard Gergely

Hi, I have modelled a tool based around a plastic part that a client has given me to work on.

Obviously the tool is smaller than the plastic part in SW, due to taking into account the material thickness and draft angles etc.


The contraction rate of ABS is 0.83% and so I need to increase the scale of the molding tool buy a certain amount to allow for the shrinkage of the ABS after it has been Vac formed. Obviously the scale of the model before is 1, and I have increased it to 1.018 to allow for such changes in production.


After looking at the part with the molding tool in the assembly, after I have scaled up it looks to be around the right size to take the contractions and shrinkage into account.

Just want to check wether this is enough?




Tom Haslam