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    Creating different profiles

    Dave Furry

      What I am trying to do is to have 2 separate profiles on the same machine.  One profile will be a stripped down version with all the fancy bells and whistles turned off to increase performance.  The other will be for creating drawings that are usable.  I printed out some drawings with the stripped down settings and the drawing turned out very choppy, not smooth at all.  The question is can I accomplish all this with the Copy Settings Wizard and switch between the two?

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          Craig Siebert



          Yes you can.

          What you need are two separate backups of the system settings.

          Utilizing the copy settings wizard, tweek the settings and save one as fancy, then tweek the settings again, and save one as stripped, or whatever you decide to name them.

          Store them in a location where you can find them easily.

          When you want to switch between them, simply utilize the copy settings wizard to restore the one you want.


          We have two different ones as well and it works fine.

          We also have everyone's individual tool bar settings saved so they can be reloaded if anyone goofs up their tool bars for any reason, or gets upgraded to the next release of SW.


          As far as your prints being all choppy, that should not be like that no matter what your SW settings are set to.

          There isn't any setting that I am aware of that could cause prints to look crappy.

          I would start with the printer driver, and video card driver.

          Verify that they are the latest version and or download them directly from the manufacturer' website.

          SW has the latest drivers for most video cards.


          Good luck,