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    Weld symbols not saving?

    Lee Campbell

      Three times I have had to re-enter the "1-4" that is to the right of the fillet symbol.  Do you know why this would be erased/removed?  Am I writing it wrong?  I want a 3/16" fillet weld of 1 inch length, every 4 inches.


      Also, when this happens it puts on the "inch" mark on the 3/16.  Seems to be something with the ANSI weld symbols that overrides what I put in.  The drawing is stated to be in inches so I don't want the redundant "inch" quote marks on everything.  The field weld symbol also gets removed.  Any help is much appreciated.



      Weld Symbol.jpg

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          Bill Lacey

          I've noticed that this happens when the weld symbol is edited in the drawing, but if the weld symbol is created at the same time that the weld is placed in the model it will stay. Kind of annoying, really, since it is easier to change the weld symbol in the drawing than going back through the model and editing the weld.