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    Floating Dimension

    Do Brach

      Hello All


      When i made a change in a model, the dimension in a drawing (already made drawing) doesn't change with the changed model. Instead, it showed a green floating dimension in space.


      Where do I go to change this, so dimensions will change accordingly with a model.




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          Deepak Gupta

          Try a force rebuild (Ctrl + Q). Also did you inserted the dimension as model item or created in the drawing?

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            Jerry Steiger



            That sounds like the sickly yellow/green color that you get when a dimension goes dangling (looses its connection with the model).


            It's a little hard for me to imagine how an inserted model item could go dangling without an error or warning showing up in the sketch or feature it is used in.


            Sometimes you can reattach a dangling dimension by dragging the end of the extension line that got last back to the model. If that doesn't work, you have to make a new dimension and delete the dangling one.


            Jerry Steiger

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                Lochlan Banff

                When you click on the floating dimension does a red square appear on one or both ends of the locating lines (not sure of technical name)?


                If it does you can drag these points to the correct parts of the model and basically re-reference them. Typically these dangling dimensions happen when a piece of geometry used to make the dimension is removed, if it is changed (depending on how) it should update to the new location and adjust dimension accordingly.