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How are People Using EPDM?

Question asked by Ryan McVay on Jul 25, 2012

I am tasked with determining how our organization is going to utilize the functionality inside of EPDM. In order to do that I'd like to understand how other organizations are currently utilizing EPDM and if they have and how they expanded its usage outside of just CAD data management.


One of the projects I'm tasked with is the "Sales Ready Product Information" SRPI (pronounced Sur-Pee) project-LOL.

This project involves:

1) identifying ALL the documents that are used by sales and sent to customers

2) doing a content breakdown to define content author(s)

3) identify document "format" owner

4) content authoring tools

5) then the system and parameters that will control the documents.


In reality the SRPI project includes engineering drawings in pdf format. So in that case I can look at the breakdown like this:

Format Owner: Product Manager

Content owner(s): Engineering, Sales and Marketing

Content author(s): Engineering and Sales and Marketing

Authoring tool(s): SolidWorks- original file in conjunction with DriveWorks Pro, Adobe (pdf) output from SW, DWG, DXF and eDrawing file

Managing System(s): EPDM, DriveWorks, and unmanaged network locations (copies of the pdf)

Parameters: Meta-data for: Item No., Description, Description 2, Description 3, ect.


In order to manage all the data that is assigned to "Finished Good" I am thinking of using "Items" inside of EPDM. This would allow me to create a single container that would include the CAD data, pdf of the "customer" drawing, warranty document, test documents, and the list can include a total of 24+ different documents that all need workflows and revision control.


So, I'll ask again, "How are people using EPDM?"