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    Should we Defrag the SQL/EPDM Server?

    Tom Cote

      I have the SolidWorks users defrag their desktop/laptops at least once a week and that has a noticable imporvement on performance.  So that leads to the question from IT; should  they should be defragging the server with EPDM and SQL on it?




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          Ryan McVay

          Great question and timing! I just setup a cold storage schema and have moved 320GB of data to the storage device. With all the open space I was thinking of defraggin as well!

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              Joy Garon

              Hi Tom and Ryan,


              Per the TS team:


              From the IT side, it is always good to defrag a disk. Probably won't see much improvement in SQL if SQL is set up to use Simple recovery mode and the server has enough RAM to hold all the MDF files in memory. Will most likely see better disk I/O performance for the Archive folder drive.


              Don’t defrag too often though as it could shorten the lifespan of the drives. Maybe once every month or every other week or so depending on usage.  We don’t think there will be too much gain on the serverside though.


              Hope it helps,