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    Point Cloud Import Options

    Will Cornelius

      I am trying to import a point cloud into SolidWorks 2011. The only Import Option that I have available is the Units; I do not have the option of inserting the point cloud into an existing or new doc. If I try to import the point cloud anyway, it shows up in the design tree, but I can not see it in the workspace. I have the Scan to 3D add-in enabled, but I can not see the actual point cloud.


      Thanks for the help.

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          Hi Will,


          Both IGES (.xyz) and .txt  (two of the more common types) should work as formats to import cloud points into SW. Which format type are you using to import?  Also, inorder to import cloud point that you can use in SW, you need to make sure that you are  using the ScanTo3D types (toward the bottom of the file type pull down (see below.)

          once you import the cloud but can not see it - is there a "Point Cloud1" feature in your Feature Manager?



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              Will Cornelius

              Hi Mark,


              I did choose the file type referenced in your picture, and I was seeing the "Point Cloud1" in my feature manager, but it wasn't showing up in the workspace. Since then I recieved help, I believe reinstalling the program, and I don't have the problem any more.


              Thanks for your help,