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Creating a multiple part design table??

Question asked by John Rehak on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2012 by Kelvin Lamport

Good morning! I have been brainstorming a way to efficiently handle our die changeovers and I feel that I am on the edge of something really cool. I just need a little help to make this work in a simple manner. Please see the description below of what I have and where I would like to go:


Our dies are classified as 'open' dies, which let us make a family of parts to different lengths. These lengths are measured from a centerline in the material, so there may be two different length measurements for each complete part. IE, Part XYZ may have an OAL of 1.25", with Inboard @.318 and Outboard @.932.  What Im saying is these parts are not symmetric around the OAL centerline.  This forces us to use different size tooling to create each side of our part. Instead of having a tooling directory with hundreds of spacer blocks to make these many different lengths, I would like to have one master and have the whole thing driven by a design table.


My thought is this:


I have an excel spreadsheet that determines my spacer sizes depending on the OAL and Inboard Length. This calculates the size of spacer I need on Inboard (.1785) and Outboard (.7925). These are the dimensions that I would like to use to drive my spacer blocks, so I have created a design table on the same excel spreadsheet and linked my IB & OB values to my design table driving values with the "=j11" type of formula. Then I link the design table to my spacer blanks hoping they both update to their respective sizes. However, this is where I run into the problem:


If I only use my Inboard, or my Outboard, the respective parts will update. If I try to use both dimensions on the same design table, only the dimension that is first will update and I will get an error of an invalid heading. In this case my Inboard part would update fine, however I get a message saying that D1@outboard is an invalid heading and the part will no longer update. The same happens when I link the table to my Outboard part, excep the error is in regards to the D1@inboard heading. I would like to be able to use this single sheet format and have both parts update. However, since both of those dimensions are not available on both parts, it is giving me the error. 


Is there any way to update both parts with different sizes from the same design table?