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    Hot tube immersed in cold water

    Syarif Yahya

      Hello everyone,


      I am a new user for solid works. I am very grateful if someone could give me some advise how to work on Solidworks simulation for the situation as follow:


      For a tube (steel) with an initial temperature of 390K is immersed in a cold water where the water temperature is 285K. Here, could anyone suggest it how can i simulate the heat transfer after a certain of period? Do i need to model the water as a block and if I do, how can I insert the tube into the block of water so that I can observe the heat transfer between these component?


      Any suggestion is much appreciated.





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          Jerry Steiger



          That is not an easy problem. Your steel tube starts off above the boiling point of water, so when your immerse it in the water, the water will start to boil. I don't know how well Flow handles a situation like that. I don't think it is very easy to handle in Simulation either. Once the steel cools below the boiling point of the water, you could estimate film coefficients, but they will probably be pretty poor estimates unless you can find estimates from someone who has either experimental data or ran a good CFD study on a similar problem.


          Jerry Steiger