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Save Part to Assembly Origin

Question asked by Eddie Smith on Jul 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by Eddie Smith

I am creating parts in Solidworks that must plug into assemblies created in another CAD package. This system requires that the assembly origin is defined and all other parts files should respect the assembly origin. This is due to some legacy software that does not operate on the prinicple of mates. My workflow has been to import these parts to Solidworks, create an assembly with mates in the normal way, finally exporting the completed files to .STL


Is there a way to place a part in a Solidworks assembly via mates, then create a save-as-copy of that part that would reference from the assembly origin? Obviously this would break all the mates (bad news in general but fine in this situation) but leave the part in its as-mated position. Ultimately, the goal is an assembly that can be (re)built simply by inserting all the parts and hitting the check mark for each one. No mates - they are wiped away as external references and this mystery command sequence XYZs the part to the origin defined in the Solidworks assembly.


The Move/Copy Body function is sort of like what I'm looking for but not quite. Advice?