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    Manage Mirror

    jay Nachiappan

      Dear All,


      How to manage mirrored part in many location,


      I have mirrored part "A" in ass "AA",the mirrored part name is 'Mirror-A"


      Then in ass "BB" I need to mirror the same part "A" again, in this case how can I locate the previously mirrored part "Mirror-A"


      Is there is any option to manage,

        • Re: Manage Mirror
          Ajay Dhiman

          hI jay,


          There are two ways :

          > You can insert the part A in assembly BB and eith same procedure mirror it again.


          >In assembly "AA"  RMB on "Mirror-A" and use option "Dissolve mirrored  component feature" This will make a new opposite part it in your assembly and save it as external part in your specified folder.

          You can use this part in Assembly BB.


          Hope it helps...