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How to? Stuck with an air system.

Question asked by Robert Keyes on Jul 20, 2012

OK, so first things first, I'm by no means an expert at this sort of thing. I barely know how assemblies work, and I'm just a casual user of Solidworks, and I only recently found out about "Snap-To's". The version is SolidWorks 2011. Now that's out the way...


My Air System. Actually, a peumatic bolt for a paintball marker. I apologies in advance for the crudeness of the photo attached. Best I could do on Paint.


Air Pressure input: Somewhere between 200PSI and 75PSI
There are 4 Stages to the system


Stage 1: The air chamber fills. (Blue on the image)


Stage 2: The Valve (the thing in the middle) moves forwards by 1.5mm, Allowing a small amount of air to flow forwards into the bolt, pushing it forward a small amount
Stage 3: The Valve completes its movement, pushing against one edge of the air chamber, thereby not allowing any more air in. The remaining air gets let out, letting the bolt fly forwards.
Stage 4: Springs on the bolt & valve reset Everything, Air Chamber starts filling again.


Solidworks Animation Problem.png


My problem: How do I animate this? How do I check it works? Can I even animate Air?


Please, an easy, step-by step guide on how on earth to do this. Animation is the main probelm. I can animate 1 bit at at time. E.g I can animate the valve going back & forth, but I then cannot animate the bolt moving forwards, the air, or the spring returns. The way that I've done the valve moving is by putting an osellating motor on it, setting the distance to 2.341mm and setting the frequency to 20 Hz (I think that means that, in 1 second, the valve will go back & forth 20 times, and the system will cycle 20 times).