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Saving out spit bodies.....

Question asked by Quentin Tipton on Jul 20, 2012

I recently had a compay redraw a part for me so that I could work out the flaws. I've made the neccessary modifications to the individual part and the changes are not being made to the whole assembly. Upon asking how to fix it so that  I can run a simulation with my modifications, this was his response:



The split/saved bodies then become a part of assembly ‘Follower_Main Asm’. This is the component used in the Motion assembly files. Be sure that the individual, split bodies save out with your changes, that the main follower assembly updates with the changes, and that the Motion assembly reflects the changes, too!"


I'm not sure what this means. When I select the "split" at the bottom of the feature tree, it will allow me to edit it, but that's it. If it needs edited, I'm not sure what to edit. Any ideas?