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    File References

    Aric Tibbitts

      Whats the deal with file references.


      I have this large assembly which I like to work on today. I did a check-out on the assembly and it just sits there updating file references.

      When I cancel it says my assembly is checked out.


      When I open it in solidworks the first time it doesn't open and the second time it says its read-only.


      We did a reboot to the EPDM server and its still acting flaky.



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          Gary Radish

          Do you verify that the EPDM Add-in is loaded

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              Aric Tibbitts

              Our VAR recommended running some pings of the servers.

              We have a remote server that has the vault and a local server that archives files.


              They recommended running a ping command to see the response times.

              ping (servername)-t -l 1430


              I haven't see anylost data but after we reboot both servers.  Things seem to be chugging along again.

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              Tim Read



              You were checking out the Assembly file and when EPDM was updating the file references - probably due to files being renamed / moved in the vault - you hit 'Cancel'.


              What did you expect to happen? I would expect when you hit 'Cancel' is that the files are NOT checked-out...


              What I suspect happened is that not all References in the files will have been updated and that the final action of the check-out (remove Read-Only) did not occur.



              So, why would this have happened?  Maybe you have some files locally cached that were not checked out AND had the read-only flag off? This can happen if the file is 'locked' (open in Solidworks) and you attempt to 'Get Version' using EPDM in Windows Explorer. When a file is not checked-out but IS writeable then EPDM requires you to confirm overwriting that file - did the dialog box get lost behind a window?


              Unfortunately, clearing the local cache does not 'fix' these files... try 'Get Latest Version' and only overwrite files that you DO NOT have checked out.


              I hope you can find the cause - good luck!