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Link card variable value to another with condition

Question asked by Martin Sedlar on Jul 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by Martin Sedlar

Hi everyone,


We use variable box REVISION NAME on document card, which is filled by string from our ERP.

User working on document, which has Revision 1, for instance, gets revision name from ERP by clicking on card button, this launches 3rd part addin in EPDM and fills variables on document card.

Every revision number relates to different revision name. So it could be like this - document at revision 3 displays at its drawing Rev 1 - TZ001235, Rev 2 - TZ004588, Rev 3 - TZ005589. User must type this info in drawing today and I´d like to automate this process.


Issue I cant solve for following reasons:

I don´t know how to link REVISION NAME value into variable REVNAM1, where will be saved REVISION NAME value for revision number 1 forever.

Lets say, one month later next revision is necessary, so it goes again, but I like to link REVISION NAME value into REVNAME2 without any impact of REVNAME1.

In the same way in revision 3 is needed.


Somehow else:


If Revision number is 1 then REVNAM1=REVISION NAME related to the date and time of creation (in this case TZ001235)

If Revision number is 2 then REVNAM2=REVISION NAME related to the date and time of creation (in this case TZ004588)

If Revision number is 3 then REVNAM3=REVISION NAME related to the date and time of creation (in this case TZ005589)





Screenshot from drawing is attached


If previous is possible, so I´m possible keep all of this information at drawing, but EPDM general tab of document card displays just current revision name.


I will be gratefull for any kind of advice