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    Parts become de-selected when I right click, cannot get mass properties of selected parts

    Dmitry Ponomarev

         Good afternoon,


      I have 2 issues that I wanted to post in 1 thread.


      1. When I try to isolate multiple parts, I click on the faces of the parts in the viewport, and it selects the parts for me in the model tree. I want to right click in the model tree and select isolate/hide/suppress etc., but all of the parts become de-selected. How can I prevent it from de-selecting the parts? I realize that if I select them in the model tree directly, this will work, but there are too many part names in the assembly for me to be able to track which part names are associated with each part. I need to do this rapidly by selecting in the viewport.
      2. When I try to get the mass properties of more than one selected parts, Solidowrks gives me "Unable to compute mass of selected objects" error. However, when I click on the whole assembly, or on a single subassembly, it will compute without a problem. This seems like a bug in solidworks. How can I compute the mass of more than one object?

                What I'm really looking for is the volume, is there an easier way to compute the volume of selected objects.


      This issues are true for solidworks 2010, 2011, and 2012. And they always occur.