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Running Simulation and Recieving Solver error

Question asked by Matt Varvel on Jul 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2012 by Chris Michalski

Hellow SW,


I have set up a simulation with all of the correct conditions but the solvers is terminating and showing certain errors:


1) The flow has high Mach number, the "High Mach number flow" option is recommended (dont know where this option is)

2) A vortex crosses the pressure opening

3) Real gas parameters (pressure and/or temperature are outside the definitional domain of substance properties     T<Tmin


I am essentially trying to run an air flow simulation that pushes humid high pressure (125psi) and temperature (280C) air against a frozen plate where it will then enter an environment of 100psi. Im not sure if SWFS can simulate frost condenstion or if it just lowers the temperature of the air but regardless I cannot complete the simulation.


Any advise?