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    Enterprise notifications by variable....again

    Corey Hinman

      I know this has been asked several times in the past, including by me


      Does anyone have a custom solution, or guide me to an alternative method for email notifications? I have an ECR workflow with an ECR data card. I have several tasks for users to complete, and I specify the username with a drop down list using a list for each group.


      I would like a transition action to send an email to any username on the datacard, without having to go in and dynamically select the notifications, because in essence I've already selected who they should go to.


      I haven't found any custom add-ins, and I don't think using dispatch would be any more efficient than making a giant e-mail notification sorting workflow.


      Any ideas?


      Corey Hinman

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          Ravi Teja

          Hi Corey,

                    How many user name fields do you have in a card? If there is only one field in which theres a username who should be receiving the notification.then what are total number of users in the list from which you are choosing the name?


          you can have an independent transition for each user and put a task in each transition to send mail.



          If by "giant e-mail notification sorting workflow" you meant the above solution then i dont think thers any OOTB solution to it.






          Ravi T

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              Corey Hinman

              Here's a screen shot of the card in process (there will be a task owner for each of the tasks listed). So each task could have a different user responsible for the task. I'd like specific task emails sent, not just to a group. So out of the box I have 2 options


              1: Dynamic Notifications

              •      Probably sufficient, but not ideal.

              2: Making sorting workflows

              • By that, I mean the file will go through a workflow that says, is this variable "user1"? If yes, email, if not, is this variable "user2"? If yes, email....etc. That becomes cumbersome, and grows/changes as the staff changes and grows.
              • I could also do this in dispatch (I think), but it wouldn't be much easier to manage than the workflows.


              So I was hoping that someone had written something to make this happen, but I don't think they have. I know I've submitted enhancement requests in the past, just haven't seen anything new on it for a while. I'm looking for out of the box ideas that don't require me to learn to use the API, because I dont' have time for that, though I would like to get to that point.


              I thought inflow-tech used to have something to do this, but that was back in the 2009 era I think.


              ecr card.JPG



              Corey Hinman

              CEPA, CSWP