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Wrap function won't recognize face. How can I force it to?

Question asked by Sevan Chanakian on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by Sevan Chanakian

Hello there,



     I am using the wrap function to create an debossed ring around an debossed circle on the inner face of an extruded arc. First I deboss a circle with a diameter of the outer ring, then I emboss a circle with a diameter of the inner ring and lastly I deboss the inner circle. Each of these steps is created with a different wrap. I need to make 27 of this ring-circle object to make a 3x9 array and need to be able to control the parameters (diameter of circles, distance between ring and circle, etc.) of the array with equations which is why the wrap function is so convenient. After I make the initial debossed surface, I need to wrap the next layer on the circles I made by debossing the arc. Although this works for the center column in the array, the wrap function isn't recognizing the two side columns even though Solidworks recognizes all of the faces when I am not in the wrap function interface.



     Any ideas how I can get the wrap function to wrap on the side columns? Or how I can minimize the number of wraps I am using. Does anyone have a better idea of how I can achieve the same result with a different method?


Thanks everyone!