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Why do my toolbox components suppress?

Question asked by Jeff Lyon on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by Jeff Lyon

We just upgraded to Solidworks 2012, SP4.0 a few weeks ago.  We upgraded from SW2010, and did a clean uninstall.  Our problems concern the Toolbox.  We insert hardware, such as bolts, screws or nuts, and each of them are created in 2012, and insert ok.  the problem lies when we save the assembly, close it, and get back in.. the toolbox components are suppressed.  When I try to unsuppress them, it either does nothing, or says it can't find them, and wants me to redirect my path to the location they are saved in.. when I click on the item again in the directory, it gets stuck in an endless loop, and won't reload it... I just keep clicking on the item, or hit cancel.  Sometimes it will accept it, and reload the item, but, again, when I save, close, and get back into my assembly, it's suppressed again.


Anybody else having an issue like this?