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    Pack & Go Crash

    Jon Cumblad

      Hey Guys,


      When i try to run pack and go for assemblies within the vault that aren't checked out EPDM consistently crashes. Just wondered if I had to have all the files checked out, or if I will just have to work around it with copy tree. Thanks!

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          Jacob Kralovic



          Pack N Go seems to work for me, even with the files checked-in.  It sounds like a software issue with your system.

          You should be able to do it whether the files are checked in, or checked out.


          Are you using pack & go within solidworks?


          The Copy Tree function is nearly identical to Pack N Go, just a slightly different interface, so using it should be comparable.

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              Jon Cumblad

              I was afraid of that.


              I guess I will just try a full uninstall/re-install.


              I was using file-->pack & go within Solidworks. Is there another way to find that option?


              Copy tree might just be the way to go for us. Some of our users just groan at even that simple extra step. Thank you very much for the input!

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                  Jacob Kralovic

                  No problem Jon,


                  There is another way to access it. I'm not sure exactly where it gets setup, but our IT dept. gave us a Right-click option for it.


                  If we right-click a solidworks file, we get an extra option called "Solidworks." we can then select "Pack N Go", "Rename" or "Replace"

                  You might see if you have that option.


                  I tried it within Solidworks too and didn't have an issue.

                  Unfortunately, I don't think there's a "Copy Tree" function within the solidworks EPDM Add-In. Atleast with SW 2010, and EPDM 2011.


                  It would be nice if we could right-click the assembly in the Add-in and "Copy Tree"

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                      Jon Cumblad

                      I just tried the funtion within EPDM and it worked like a charm!


                      Must be something with my SW install.


                      I tried to find it in SW 2012 with EPDM 2012 and no such luck on a copy tree function within the program. But at least now i have another option to present to everyone.


                      I agree completely that it should be built into the tree with a right click option!