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Using Configuration Publisher to modify only single line configuration & EPDM

Question asked by Jon Cumblad on Jul 18, 2012

Good morning everybody.


I've got a problem that has got me quite stumped and I was hoping someone here would have had some experience with it.


Here is the situation:


We have parts that reside in our EPDM vault where most users do not have check in/check out rights due to the fact that they are library items. There is an exception to his however which is that those same parts will also exist with a different name in a "custom vault" where each piece can have up to 2350 different configurations. Putting all of those configurations on each piece though has proven to be too inefficient. And on top of all that we have an inventory system that reads the configurations generated by the BOM to give us a live costing. (Hope all of this isn't too still is to me)


My hope is that I can find a solution where one of these things could happen:


-Users insert the pieces from the custom library with a generic configuration name like CUS_PART#, and upon inserting the piece, the part will automatically become virtual and break its link from the default config sizing in the vault (I know how to do this manually, but our users groan when i mention a simple right click)


-Using configuration publisher or perhaps just costom properties, it would allow me to just modify the single line configuration without trying to add a new one. This prevents the users from having to try to overwrite the vault files.


I know this is a bit abstract, and there is a real possibility that this is not possible, but I figured I would give it a shot! Thanks everyone!