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Simulating collision between two assemblies

Question asked by Hannah Spurgeon on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by Hannah Spurgeon

Hi. I am trying to do a simulation where an object at a given velocity strikes another assembly. I have spent months trying to get this to work, and it's just not happening.

Basically, i have a vehicle seat, with a metal frame and a thick rubber lining. I have a dummy located in this seat. The other object is a non descript heavy metal 'slab', which will collide with the back of the seat at a given velocity. I have tried doing a drop test, but i can't figure out how to accelerate the metal slab while the seat remains stationary. i have also tried a non linear analysis, and have the same problem. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! i have a lot riding on this....