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Imports not running smoothly

Question asked by Sean Nipps on Jul 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2012 by Sean Nipps

My imported to SolidWorks .DXF and .DWG files have not been holding together after being imported. The process is tearing every file involved apart including the .DXF & .DWG files. This is only happening with one of my projects, and the other older projects are holding together fine (those aren't imported though) . I think that the .DXF & .DWG files might be corrupted, but can not tell. There also has been gradual distortions in the imported parts, misc. pieces that do not belong, and every file suppresses all parts and assemblies (only capable of opening  combing my hard drive for the suppressed pieces) after being closed. The files also have been saving edited drafts of the components as one piece even with separate files and names.