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    Thermal Stress and Shrink Fits

    jerry towne

      Dear Simulators,


      I have several parts in an assembly that are a press fit.  I now want to impose a thermal load to the shrunk fit assembly and determine what the forces are on the interfering parts due to both the shrink fit and the thermal load.  I am able to create the Contact Sets in the assembly and run the Simulation and determine the forces due to the shrink fits alone.  However when I try to run the thermal analysis alone I get an error that says that there are interferences and do I want to run interference detection.  The only Contact Set I can create in the Thermal analysis is a Thermal Resistance.


      Is it possible to include a thermal simulation in a static shrink fit simulation?




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          Kevin Corr

          I use thermal study when temperature is the unknown I'm after. It sounds like the item of interest is stress due to thermal and shrink fits. That is a product of the "static" study, not the thermal study. So back in the static study, you can create a "temperature" load on the components, by right clicking on the 'external loads' tree item and choosing it. Then populate the selections box with the components from the feature tree to tell the solver that the entire component volume is at the temperature you input. Also, in study properites, under the thermal effects tab, you can change the temperature at zero strain.