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    HELP! New workstation seems very "off" with SolidWorks 2010! Why??

    Jamie Costa

      Hi Guys,


      I just got a new workstation and upon my initial "test run" of SolidWorks I'm finding it isn't as responsive as I had anticipated.  I was wondering if someone could point out any possible issues you see, or maybe point me in the direction of where I can find some "system settings" that I can mimic on my machine to have this run better.


      Computer Specs:

      • Precision T5500
      • Intel Xeon 6-Core E5645 @ 2.40 Ghz, 12Mb Cache
      • 24.0 Gb DDR3 RAM (1333)
      • Win 7 Pro x64
      • ATI Firepro V5900


      Software Details:

      • SolidWorks 2010 SP5.0 x64
      • I have the "Use software OpenGL" option selected in Tools>>Options>>Performance
      • Just updated the graphics driver to 8.850.7.0 from the SolidWorks website
      • All settings in the Catalyst Control Center are set to default - they are all set to "Use Application Settings" (see attached pic)


      Problem(s) that I've encountered thus far:

      • Even when opening individual parts, the Real View Graphics option is not available
      • Assemblies, regardless of size, seem to be laggy when trying to scroll-zoom, rotate, etc
      • Possibly related?? When hovering over a part's face in an assembly, the GPU seems to make a slight buzzing noise that I can hear from the front of the machine. It does not make this noise when hovering over a face in the part file itself.


      If I'm missing any info you'd need to help diagnose this, let me know and I'll get back to you ASAP.  Thanks in advance!