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Problem with Variable Search

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Jul 18, 2012

I attempted to perform a variable search using the 'Complete Search' card and was greeted with the following error:


Could not access the item in the database. "_EPDM".


where _EPDM is the name of our vault.  The error occurs in my development valut as well.  It also occurs if I create a new search card with only the Variable Search control on it.


After some testing I have discovered that the only time the error is thrown is when I try to use any of the 'Not Equal To' comparisons in the search:


Text Not Equal To

Text  Does Not Contain

Number Not Equal To

Date Not Equal To


For example,  I have a variable named PART_DESCRIPTION and its type is set to Text.  If I try a variable search with the following parameters, the error occurs:



Comparison:     Text Does Not Contain

Value: Z


If I change the comparison to 'Text Contains' and leave everything else as-is, the search succeeds.


No changes to the card have been made that I am aware of, and I have used the variable search successfully in the past.  The only thing that I can think of that has changed is an upgrade to EPDM 2012 SP4 from EPDM 2012 SP2.


It is not specific to certain users or groups, and it still has the problem when logged in as 'admin'.


I would appreciate it if someone could test this on their vault and let me know if they are also having this problem.  I have contacted SW support, but I thought I would check here as well.


Jim S.