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Simulation Capabilites

Question asked by Richard Bambrook on Jul 18, 2012
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I am trying to investigate the capabilites of the Simulation package add on.


I'm quite comfortable with SW but the last version that I properly used was 2010. Had a lot of Solid Edge and Pro-E jobs over the last couple of years but we're getting more demand for SW jobs now (Yay!)


Where I work we deal with a lot of sheet metal assemblies (but not exclusively) and I have been looking through the forums to an answer to this question.


How does the Simulation package deal with Welded Sheet Metal Assemblies?


We currently have to deal with another division our company to get FEA donw but we are now investigating moving it inhouse for ease and speed of use.


Basically if I have an assembly made up of Sheet Metal components, or a mixture of Sheet Metal and Solid Models (Channels, I Beams, Box Section etc) is the Simulation add on able to assess this as a welded structure. I have got a little experience using it but haven't used it on a welded assemly yet.


SW is the most user friendly CAD package that I've used so I'm hoping the solver is the same.


Any insights are welcome.