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    Getting rid of material databases.......

    jason van clark

      Why is it that I cannot remove the 'default' material databases from solidworks?




      and why can't I tell solidworks where I want my custom materials file to be? 


      all of these options just allow my users to select materials that aren't recognized by my shop

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          Jeff Holliday

          Instead of removing the files, just remove them from the File locations

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            Daen Hendrickson

            We finally upgraded our office from SW2011 SP3 to SW2012 SP5. And in trying to clean some things up have come across an issue with the material database files.


            Over the years multiple material databases have shown up on their own after each upgrade. After the 2012 install we had 4 or 5 databases named Custom Material all with the same single "Custom Plastic" material in them.


            I would like to have the two standard SW databases and one company custom database. Our company custom file is located on a network share. I found where the various files were hiding and what the listings in the Options/File Locations/Material Database were. I opened a few of the files and determined I could copy/paste to combine.


            HOWEVER, I have run into some peculiar behavior.


            I removed all the local path listings in the File Locations leaving only the network share. I copied and consolidated some materials in the network share file. I deleted the local files. But when I launch the Material Editor from a part file the removed local paths are restored to the File Locations list AND the deleted "Custom Plastic" / Custom Material file is recreated in the local folder. The Custom Material database shows back up in the Material Editor.


            Any idea what drives this? Registry setting? The local folder location that gets restored is:


            C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2012\Custom Materials (our install folder for SW is "SolidWork 2012")





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              Terry Raymond

              This is the case in SW 2013 SP5.


              When I remove the file path in the material database options tab, those default paths get put back in when using the material selection dialog.


              Anyone know if it is resolved in SW 2015?  Or have any good workarounds to disabling the default materials?

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                  Keith Rice

                  1. Go to this folder in Windows Explorer: <your SolidWorks installation directory>\SOLIDWORKS\lang\english\sldmaterials

                  2. Rename the two non-sustainability SLDMAT files in this folder to something else. For example, "solidworks materials_old.SLDMAT"


                  They won't appear in your Edit Materials dialog anymore. I tried the same steps above for the sustainability SLDMAT as well but it still appears in Edit Materials dialog. It must be hard-coded.


                  Tested in SolidWorks 2015.



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                  Dominik Kirschner

                  To get rid of some folders in SolidWorks 2016 SP3 (EV) I had to...

                  • rename the file extension of all non-default material-databases (*.sldmat --> *.sldmat_old)
                    Location: in the relevant language-specific folder in the install directory of SolidWorks (in may case: lang/german )
                    restarting SolidWorks will not recreate these Material-Databases
                  • the "custom-material sldmat" and the "sustainability extras sldmat" files are recreated automatically but I couldn't find a workaround for these two entries so far (same behaviour described by Keith Rice)