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Temporary Hang when rotating, Help!

Question asked by John Sanchez on Jul 16, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2012 by Alin Vargatu

First off, thank-you in advance (and if you fix my issue,  I may be inclined to write you a check ) So here's the issue, when working in Solidworks 2012 SP 4.0, and in rotating the model with the middle mouse key, i get these unpredictable hangups for several seconds. I tried to ignore at first, but it's beginning to drive me mad. I talked with my IT buddy and he suggested a new video card (considering my card was 512mb and i was running two monitors, he suspected a shortage of video memory), so he ordered me a fire pro 5900, installed it this afternoon (with the SW certified driver), and same issue (not to mention I thought editing a part in an assembly would be an improvement with this new card, no luck, but I digress). Like I mentioned, the hangup lasts for several seconds and then jumps back to life. In observing the task manager, during rotation processor sits right around 10-12% and drops to 5% on the hangup... It's very strange, indeed. Hardware or software??? I'm tempted to believe it's a software issue (possibly a driver) considering the stations hardware is current.


With some google searching I found a similar issue with SW 09 and windows aero settings, this isn't the case with me. Could it be any other software settings? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Here are some of my workstations specs (if you'd like to know anything in particular, please let me know):


SolidWorks 2012 4.0

Windows 7 64bit

Chip: AMD FX-8150

Mobo: Gigabyte (exact model unknown)

RAM: 4 x 4gb

Card: FirePro V5900

Monitors: 2 x 22"

Mouse: Logitech G500 (with logitech software which opens on startup, holds some of my programmed keys... maybe i should try disabling this)

3D Mouse: none


Thanks again!