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Toolbox path -- Administrative image

Question asked by Alain Carrel on Jul 17, 2012



I'm created an administrative image for SW2012 SP4. In the last options "Path for the Toolbox", I've put a netwrk path because I'm using a shared toolbox.


I've installed apprx. 15 clients without problems but now on 2 PC's, during the installation of SolidWorks, I get an erro message : 1603 Install probel UpdateDataBrowser error..


It was always working but now I have this error on 2 Pc's. My SolidWorks local support said that I've to put a local path and then change the path by registry. It works so, but it was always working by tpying the network path into the SldmioptionEditor and would like to continue using this option.

Because I've I put the local path and changing it by registry, the first time I start SolidWorks, it says that the toolbox path has changed and ask me if I want to use the old path or the new one.


Any idea how I can resolve my problem and continue putting the network path for my toolbox in the sldimoptioneditor ?


Thank you