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Part Disappears and yet tree shows all items.

Question asked by Lynn Loughmiller on Jul 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2020 by Aaron Tongon

I was using the Dual screen feature.  I had an assembly on one screen and the part I was changing on the other screen.  I changed a sketch measurement.  I exited out and the part in the assembly disappeared.  I looked at the part on the other screen it also disappeared.  I changed the sketch.  The part was still gone.  I floated the pointer over each element I added and I saw the highlighted changes on the screen but no part.  I moved my editor bar thing at the bottom of the tree and moved it to the top and still nothing.  I went out of solid works and back in and the part still did not show up yet the features tree was still intact.  Everything acts normal except for the fact that no part appears.  I tried to unhide it but it was already unhidden.  It seems to be a bug.  Has anyone seen this issue.  How do I get out of this.  I have several hours worth of changes I do not want to redo.  Any suggestions. 


The attached screen shot shows all of the feature tree there but no part.