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    All Colors go missing...

    Chris Bargman

      I am running a stress test on a block of steel with some inserts in it.  Not very complicated.  But for some reason when i add one of my inserts the the sim.  It still runs fine and even comes up with a chart and points to my max stress.  But takes all the color away from the model...  If i remove the block and run again everything is back how it should be with all colors in place!  What in the world is going on?  I am completly baffled.

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          Chris Bargman



          There was a small edge in the geomotry that was shooting the max stress way up past anything else in the model therefore the chart range was way to large.  All the correct geomotry was showing good blue.  I had to manualy adjust the char values to something more relitive to the rest of the geomitry.