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Enterprise V Workgroup PDM Comparison From Users

Question asked by Ben Jones on Jul 13, 2012

Hi All,


The company I work for is currently looking into the prospect of investing in a Data Management system.


We are currently debating between the 2 Solidworks options as mentioned above and are leaning towards Enterprise PDM. We are a relatively small DO with about 10 employees (2 who use Solidworks CAD, the rest are AutoCAD users and report writers using MS Office) we are aware of the implications of Workgroup's scalability etc (we have been debating this for some time).


We have reached the point where we feel it would be beneficial to visit someone who actually uses these pieces of software on a daily basis to see the software in use and carry out an analysis based on everyday usability, with the views of a day to day user. Is there anyone out there in the Gloucestershire/Wiltshire/Bristol area who uses either system who might be willing to allow a visit by a member of our staff for an hour or so to discuss and provide a demo if required.


Alternatively, please feel free to post any daily issues/benefits below for either system that may not become apparent until you begin using them.


Many thanks for your time and opinions,